Follow - The manifesto.

Follow’s mission is to provide the tools to balance out the imbalance. Together we challenge the status quo, we support the underdogs and we stand by the powerless. We act from a place of common sense, human dignity and a firm belief that the future is not yet written. We are here to put the pen in your hands.

Where we see big systems optimizing towards one sided questionable outcomes, we don’t find comfort in business-as-usual. We move in, to balance the scale.

When science tells us our natural world is in peril, we act with swiftness and determination.

When increasing screen time is taking over from real life human connections, we unitedly create a social network that takes us outside to meet each other again.

When we see small businesses struggling to stay open, we make sure we have their backs.

When extremism and polarization runs wild, we find bedrock in nuance, argumentation and the unwavering belief that no matter who we are talking to, we have a lot more in common than divides us.

In the most difficult times, when the tasks in front of us seem impossible, we are comforted by the knowledge that nature has already blessed us with the skills that powered us to the top of the evolutionary ladder. Our unparalleled ability to collaborate and work together, our extraordinary talent for solving problems and the consciousness to realize what’s happening and to anticipate possible future scenarios.

We are unshakable optimists, because we are humans. For this reason we are confident that we are heading towards an exceptionally bright future. Powered byhuman ingenuity, love and common sense.

Our vision
To foster peace, happiness, self-worth & friendship across the planet.

Our mission
To encourage and empower purpose driven entrepreneurship to create a better future.

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